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In order to serve you better, I will be transitioning my services from Kinesiology over to Chiropractic care in the coming months. Those with extended health benefits will then be able to get coverage for their treatment sessions.

Don't worry, I will continue to offer my expertise in soft tissue management, and exercise therapy to ensure you recieve the best care there is to offer!

The old Way

Mobility &

Pain Rehab

You go to a therapist, they put a heating pad on the area that hurts, then a TENS unit (electrotherapy), followed by same basic stretch or band exercise that they give every one else. Hardly spending any one-on-one time with you. Conventional approaches for many disciplines are unfortunately too passive.

The New way

Specifically locate your pain-generating tissue (muscle, joint or ligament) using a systematic approach to help you find your own issues in the future. Treating it with manual hands-on soft-tissue therapy. Followed by individualized exercises directed to guide healing of that specific tissue so that the results stick long term - giving you the tools to recover on your own and rely less on us.

Mobility &

Performance Training

What are the prerequisites for movement?

  1. Each joint must have active range of motion required in the movement WITHOUT load.
    • If you can't bend your knees past 90 degrees while you are standing, its not a mystery as to why you cannot squat and are likely causing your tissues harm.
  2. The tissues involved in the movement must be able to absorb the load required in the movement.
    • If you cannot squat 200 lbs, you should not try to squat 300 lbs.

Skipping out on any prerequisites of movement will most likely lead to an injury and it should not be a mystery to you now when it happens. The fitness and health industry unfortunately jumps to the illogical conclusion that the 'movement' is unsafe and contraindicated. It's the lack of your tissues being prepared for the movement that causes harm, not the movement itself!

Mobility &

Performance Training

"Mobility training is a lot like 'Trail Maintenance'. Most of us may have pretty decent walking paths (joints). We can get from point A to point B without any major obstacles - no big rocks, trees or rivers along the way.

Over time, bushes and branches begin to grow in towards our path way (e.g. muscle imbalances from poor posture, injuries etc.). We can even maneuver around these obstacles if need be (poor exercise form). Eventually without proper maintenance, however, our pathway can get blocked (joint pain, performance plateau, further injuries).

By regularly cutting back the bushes and branches, four feet away from our nice gravel walking path, we can ensure we can always get from point A to point B"

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